Lychee Fruit Health Benefits

Lychee Fruit Health Benefits

Lychee (Litchi chinensis) or leechi, lichu, litchi, etc. is from the soapberry family and the only member of its genus. It’s a fruit tree native to China and grows in tropical and subtropical climates. It smells like a flower, the reason why it is often used in dishes and cocktails. It measures about 1 ½ – 2 inches in dimension and has an oblong to rounded shape with red skin. Upon peeling off its skin, it has a soft and pulpy inside in white or pink color. Lychee is a small fruit, yet packed with healthy nutrients. This exotic fruit which means “gift for royal life” and considered to be “The King of Fruits” has proven its benefits in India and China. It contains vitamins and minerals that help fight diseases and many other benefits for the body.

Some Known Benefits of Lychee Fruit


Prevents the Growth of Cancer Cells

The disease of cancer happens when irregular cells separate without control or when they are not able to die as an element of the ordinary life cycle. These cancer cells invade the nearby tissues and distribute throughout the bloodstream, the lymphatic system, and other body areas. Lychee is a natural cancer treatment as it prevents the development and growth of cancer cells. It is helpful in preventing prostate and breast cancer. The high levels of beta-carotene and antioxidants in the fruit are what help combat cancer formations.

Increases Digestive Health

Lychee has a significant amount of dietary fiber, which helps add bulk to the stool and increase digestive health. It also helps the bowel movements to move smoothly through the digestive tract while stimulating the peristaltic motion and increasing the speed of food passing. With the help of the fruit, the digestive and gastric juices are also stimulated, which results in more efficient nutrient absorption. This reduces gastrointestinal disorders and constipation.

Protects the Body against Free Radicals

Lychee fruit has good amounts of Vitamin C, Vitamin B, and phytonutrient flavonoids. These three make the fruit very healthy. Antioxidants are necessary to protect the body against oxidative stress caused by UV radiation and pollution. Oxidative stress creates free radicals from oxygen molecules, which destroy the normal cell DNA and change cell functions to form cancer cells. Antioxidants in lychee help to neutralize free radicals and protects cells from damage. Free radicals cause premature aging and delay cell repair. With lychee, the problem is taken care of by controlling inflammation and degenerative diseases such as Arthritis.

Helps in Digestion

The fruit helps maintain a clean stomach, keeps digestion strong, improves appetite, and cures heartburn or that burning sensation in the stomach. It is also capable of enhancing energy levels, greatly contributing to the well-being of a person. The seeds of lychee have astringent properties that are utilized for intestinal tract problems and to free the body from intestinal worms. Soluble fiber is also present, which is helpful in controlling bowel problems while keeping the colon clean and stomach free from toxic compounds.

Helps Reduce Weight

To be successful at losing weight, it’s important to maintain a healthy and balanced diet and perform daily exercise. Consuming various fruit is helpful for the entire body as fruits supply the needed vitamins. Lychee is very low in calories with no saturated fat or cholesterol. It has Oligonol that comes in a generous amount within the fruit. It is a minimal molecular weight polyphenol that has a number of anti-influenza virus and antioxidant actions. It also enhances blood circulation within organs and helps to shed off the extra pounds.

A Good Way to Fight Stress

Stress is produced when the body responds to specific occasions. It is the body’s way of meeting the problem and getting ready to face a difficult scenario with power, concentration, increased alertness, and endurance. Stressors are what induces tension and they include a selection of circumstances. It can be physical danger, making a presentation, or a job interview. Eating a single serving of lychee provides the body with an abundant supply of Vitamin B6- a known anti-stress nutritional vitamin.


Lychees are among the best fruits during the summer season. Aside from being sweet and highly nutritious, they have cooling effects on the body that help beat the summer heat. But above all, it’s the immense health benefits of the fruit that make it in demand. These benefits have been tried and proven in many countries from the past through to today. Anyone who eats the fruit falls in love with it not only because it is delicious, but the excitement of knowing and experiencing what it can do for the body. It’s simply amazing how a small fruit like lychee can do so much for the health and well-being. Don’t let the summer season pass without having a try at this wonderful fruit.

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