Vitamin D for Stronger Bones

 Vitamin D for Stronger Bones

Are you too old for your age? Or should I say are you experiencing too many body aches with your bones and joints at a young age? If yes, I guess you are missing something vital from your body. It’s not your milk or calcium supplements prescribed by your physician.

People mainly rely on the capability of Calcium and its food sources to make bones stronger without realizing the real function of the element. There is true that Calcium contributes to building stronger and healthy bones but it needs an essential vitamin to carry out its function properly. Calcium is not easily absorbed in the body without vitamin D in our system. Slow absorption of calcium results in weaker bones, joint pain, and body aches.

Vitamin D can be found in food sources such as chestnuts, yogurt, salmon, fish liver oils, cooked beef liver, and whole egg. Pastries, margarine, and some breakfast cereals are also fortified with vitamin D. What is most familiar to most of us are that direct sunlight can provide a natural source of the vitamin. On the other hand, with the negative effect of global warming, we can’t stay long under direct sunlight or else our skin will get damage.

Calcitriol is the other name of Vitamin D. If you can’t find the exact name of the vitamin, then it’s time for you to know its common name. Parents tend to ensure that their children drink their milk at least twice daily for them to grow taller and have stronger bones. Many parents are still innocent about calcium plus Vitamin D is the key to stronger bones. The vitamin is very essential to enhance calcium absorption in the kidney and liver thus the effect will be visible in no time.

Supplementation must be taken at a prescribed dosage to prevent toxicity that might lead to tetany. Don’t simply rely on books and magazines about the safe dose of vitamin D. It is always better to ask the advice of an expert in the medical field, a physician, or a pharmacist maybe. Don’t risk your health by opting for self-medication just because you want to save some bucks from paying the doctor’s fee.

Proper education on how to make bones stronger is necessary to keep the body healthy and achieve optimum health. Asking for advice from the right person is necessary. Health must never be compromised because it’s one of the greatest wealth a person can have.

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