Vitamin D - Can vitamin D help me lose weight?

 Vitamin D

Vitamin D has some common names like ‘sunshine vitamin’ or ‘free vitamin’. This fat-soluble vitamin holds the name for a reason. Sunshine vitamin is usually termed because it is ‘developed’ in the body only with the help of sunshine. Those that are exposed to sunlight have some amount added to their system. On top of that, the sunshine is still free.

Fifteen minutes of basking in the sun three times a week in its required ‘elements’ would be able to induce the ‘production’ of Vitamin D in our body. There are still recommended ‘doses’ of such to avoid any other harmful side effects. At the same time, smart exposure to the sun is also needed to avoid any other complications. However, sometimes basking in the sun is a farther option.

For those who live where the sun is not usually showing, or would barely reach the degree mark to produce Vitamin D, this source would be useless. This is why it is important that the sun is supported by food and food products to reach the required daily amount. There are also some who would require more of these food sources, like those who are darker skin. This is because the melanin in the skin causes a harder time to ‘develop’ Vitamin D in the skin.

Can vitamin D help me lose weight?

Recent studies seem to indicate that it can. One study conducted by researchers at the University of Minnesota found that overweight people lose more weight when their vitamin D levels are increased. Dr. Shalamar Sibley, the head researcher of the study, placed 38 obese men and women on a diet program and discovered that those whose vitamin D levels were increased lost more weight than those who followed the diet plan only.

The importance of vitamin D cannot be underestimated. This vitamin is instrumental in preventing and treating illnesses. It also has become a powerful addition to weight-loss regimens. Modern researchers continue their studies and will undoubtedly discover additional benefits to maintaining healthy levels of vitamin D.

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